Symbaiosys helps investors invest in natural capital.

Natural Capital Market Intelligence

Symbaiosys makes it easy to value

and invest in natural capital


Our vision is global economic resilience

powered by nature’s true worth

Nature is the world’s most valuable, yet undervalued asset. Global natural capital is worth upwards of $140 trillion—more than all the unicorns combined and over 1.5 times global GDP, and yet there is a $4.1 trillion financing gap to protect and restore nature.
100% of the economy is 100% dependent on nature,
but not all of nature’s value is recognized in economic activity.
Symbaiosys is data platform with a mission to mobilize nature finance at scale, and to help organizations easily and accurately measure natural capital valuation.

By providing analytics on the direct financial gains from investing in nature, Symbaiosys was built to complement platforms that have focused on climate and nature-related financial risks and losses.

Our taxonomy is aligned with nature and climate risk frameworks like the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), in addition to The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) and the IUCN’s Nature-based Solutions (NbS) principles.

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Investment Database

Save time on investment research and due diligence. Access ~200 data points on high integrity deals.

Nature Valuation

Real-time, forward-looking, nature valuation analytics with 30+ socio-economic and financial metrics.

Knowledge Library

Thousands of peer-reviewed articles on nature-based solutions and ecosystem services valuation.



Institutional Investors

Natural capital is an emerging asset class, and the lack of transparent public data makes it difficult for investors to access the market, and to understand performance, risks and returns.

Symbaiosys enables investors to make data-driven decisions while navigating the physical and reputational risks of the climate transition—reducing research costs, time, and risks, while increasing ROI.

Bankable Nature-based Solutions

Bankable nature-based s olutions (NbS) projects lack visibility in traditional finance data platforms. Moreover, high data collection costs, and the limited capacity of project developers hinders project returns maximization.

Symbaiosys connects projects to deal aggregators and investors, in addition to quantifying project co-benefits to maximize investment value.

Other Industries & Sectors

Wetlands support a fire-resistant moss, kelp forests provide over $500 billion to the global economy, and mangroves prevent $65 billion in property damages each year. Yet, despite the value of nature’s ecosystems services, that value is not being integrated into decision-making because it’s too complex and costly to measure the impact.

Symbaiosys’s analytics enables intelligent capital allocation for sectors that want to leverage climate and biodiversity targets as an ecological hedge against physical climate risks. This includes insurance companies, property developers, public sector organizations, community organizations, as well as audit and consulting firms advising their clients on climate resilience and biodiversity.

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