Symbaiosys helps investors invest in natural capital.

Global Economic Resilience Powered by Nature's True Worth


Symbaiosys is a mission-driven organization that is nature-first, rather than carbon-first. We believe that nature is the most efficient carbon sequestration technology, and the only technology that provides numerous additional socio-economic benefits that enable our planet to survive and thrive.

While our solutions aim to mobilize conservation finance, we believe the root problem is not that nature is underfunded, but rather, that nature is undervalued.

By providing analytics on the ROI – or direct gains – from geo-specific investments in nature restoration, our vision is for nature’s true value to be integrated into every financial decision.

Highlights from ‘CEO’s Guide to Accelerating Sustainability’ powered by Bain & Company at the Future Investment Initiative.

Speaker: Leena Al Olaimy, Founder & CEO, Symbaiosys

Moderator: Akram Alami, Partner & ESG Lead for Middle East, Bain & Company

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