Symbaiosys helps investors invest in natural capital.

Investment Database

Our nature investment database simplifies nature-based solutions deal sourcing and screening for institutional investors navigating the physical and reputational risks of the climate transition.

Harness the regenerative power of nature to address environmental challenges, including climate change, while delivering social and economic benefits with Symbaiosys’ nature investment database. As an emerging asset class for institutional investors, Nature-based solutions (NbS) offer investment opportunities that prioritize sustainable and resilient approaches, such as ecosystem restoration, carbon sequestration, and nature-based infrastructure, with the potential to generate financial returns and contribute to mitigating climate change.

Symbaiosys helps investors fulfill their ESG commitments, while meeting net-zero and biodiversity targets, by providing access to these nature-positive investment opportunities. In other words, our platform is specifically designed to cater to investors who are seeking to make a positive impact on the planet while also generating significant financial returns–rather than simply doing less harm.
Access the investable universe of bankable, sizeable and sustainable forest, land and marine restoration projects, targeting 5-20% IRR. We specialize in tracking deals across 73 ecosystem types, considering both financial viability and environmental and social impact within the emerging nature-based solutions asset class.
Cheetah outrunning competitors with nature investment database.

Save Time & Costs

Access ~200 deal data points in one click, saving 8 hours of research and due diligence per deal.

Peacock, avoiding greenwashing risks.

Avoid Reputational Risks

Deal screening aligned with the U.N. and International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Termite den, architecture of nature and natural capital.

Build Market Knowledge

Contribute and compare risk and performance modelling forecasts with other investors to build market knowledge.

Biological growth tree for natural finance.

Portfolio Diversification

Asset maturation follows biological cycles regardless of the economy, and generates revenues through multiple income streams.


Regenerative Agriculture & Agroforestry


Sustainable land management, permaculture and agroforestry can enhance soil health, sequester carbon, and promote sustainable agriculture while offering financial returns.

Reforestation & Afforestation


Investing in reforestation or afforestation projects can generate market-rate returns through commodities and multiple other income streams, while enhancing biodiversity and sequestering carbon.

Blue Economy


Investments in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture can ensure long-term profitability while conserving marine ecosystems.

Green & Blue Infrastructure


Conservation and rehabilitation of wetlands, mangroves, and coral reefs enhance coastal resilience, reduce financial damages from flooding, erosion, and storm surge risks. While, urban forests can regulate temperatures and manage stormwater, increasing productivity and reducing damages.

Water Management


Investments in sustainable water management projects, including watershed protection and wetlands restoration, improve water quality, reduce runoff, and enhance groundwater recharge.


Commodities: Sustainable aquaculture products, timber, non-timber forest products such as cacao, rubber, fruits, nuts, medicinal plants for pharma, and carbon credits.

Biodiversity Credits: An emerging market-based instrument designed to mitigate the negative impacts of development or land use changes on biodiversity. It works similarly to carbon credits, but instead of addressing greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity credits focus on conserving or enhancing biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

Payments for Ecosystem Services: A system of assigning financial value and compensation to nature’s contributions, thereby financing the preservation or enhancement of specific ecosystem services, such as clean water or carbon sequestration.

Recreation: Returns through outdoor recreational activities like ecotourism, wildlife viewing, hiking, and camping.
Conservation Easements: Tax benefits for long-term land and natural resources preservation.

Nature’s growth is non-linear, compounding interest over time


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