Symbaiosys helps investors invest in natural capital.

Nature Analytics

Algorithmically generated climate risk mitigation. Quantify the financial impact of any nature-based solutions project on your supply chain, physical assets, the economy, health, and more.

Fibonacci sunflower representing natural capital valuation & biodiversity risk assessment

Nature-based solutions (NbS) could sequester at least 10GtCO2 emissions per year by 2050, and nature is the only climate technology with the potential to generate trillions of dollars in co-benefits—protecting people, portfolios, and the planet from the physical risks of climate change. Through AI-augmented models, Symbaiosys aims to enable granular and accessible natural capital valuation that is interdependent with financial decision making.

Recognizing nature’s intrinsic value, we believe using a science-based, tech-enabled approach to accurately measuring unaccounted co-benefits and ecosystem services–like reducing financial losses from natural disasters, decreasing public health expenditure, and increasing property values–represents a step towards redefining our relationship with the natural world. A relationship that evolves from extractive, or even protective, to symbiotic: viewing nature as our biggest social and economic partner.

The key to resilience in times of crisis is early action. We help you act early.

Mangroves prevent US$65 billion in flood damages each year. Yet that value is not integrated into financial decision-making because it's too complex and costly to accurately measure the impact.

If nature were a tech startup,
it would be valued more than
all the unicorns combined
and 1.5X global GDP


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