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Knowledge Library

Search an indexed library of peer-reviewed and grey literature connecting over 70 ecosystem types to more than 30 climate risks and opportunities.

Marine environment underwater coral reef, biodiversity risk assessment & related financial risks and opportunities


Although the multiplicity of linkages between biodiversity and human health are increasingly recognized, there is a dearth of high-fidelity data, and cross-cutting expertise connecting climate and biodiversity to wider socioeconomic indicators.

The Knowledge Library is a searchable indexed database of scientific peer-reviewed studies and grey literature validating the relationship between over 70 ecosystem types on more than 30 climate risks and opportunities. For convenience and ease of search, the database is indexed by indicator, biome, ecosystem type and other filters.

In some cases, there may be evidence for ‘negative’ repercussions, which could potentially exacerbate project risk factors. Therefore, as we continue to build the Knowledge Library, our analysis will include evidence linking maladaptation to perverse outcomes and negative impacts.

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